Senior White Gown Eligibility List Released

Hi everyone,

We have finished tabulating the names of all seniors who are eligible for graduating in white! You may check if you are on the list by clicking here. This list consists of everyone who has turned in their fees and application confirmation to the counseling office as of Wednesday, March 21 and is eligible for the white gown. Below are the requirements for graduating in white:

  • Be a CSF member for at least 4 semesters throughout high school, with one semester using grades from senior year. If "Grade check in April" is next to your name, this means that you did not turn in a membership application in January. Mrs. Halket will send out a grade check form to all students that need to use their last semester of high school to qualify for membership immediately after spring break. Grades from 3rd quarter will be used to determine eligibility.  
  • Participate in one CSF event in senior year. FMP counts! 

If you believe there is an error, please fill out this form:

As always, if you have any questions, please email us at!