Second Semester: Welcome Everyone!

Welcome new members! Happy March 1st! We hope you are having a great second semester, and keeping on top of your academic schedule to ensure that you qualify again next semester. We must remind you that everyone requires four events, with one of them being in your senior year, to graduate in white and qualify for Life Membership.

Additionally, I hope everyone has turned in their second semester CSF applications! They were due on February 21, 2017, and now, we have closed our application. If there were certain extenuating circumstances that made it extremely difficult for you to apply, then please let us know ASAP. Apart from special cases, I apologize to inform you that it is not possible to make exceptions. Please note that CSF members, returning and new, must apply EVERY SEMESTER. CSF is not a "one-time" application and requires an update of grades and courses taken. Therefore, even a returning member must apply again. If you were not aware, please make a note for the future. 

Also, I would like to remind you all to subscribe to our blog! Go to, scroll down past the photo, and add your first and last name, then personal email to be subscribed. It is extremely simple.

We have another Kids Against Hunger event this month, and it is the last KAH event of the year! The details are as follows:

When: 4:15 - 5:45 PM on Thursday, March 9 (come 10 - 15 min. early for registration)

Where: 1258 Quarry Ln #H Pleasanton, CA

What: Packing white rice, soy, dried vegetables, and vitamins into bags assembly-line style. Meals get sent to children in Haiti, India, and northern California.

How: Fill out the signup form at by March 8th. Then bring a packing fee of $15 to the event (to help cover supply and shipping costs of the food)

Please remember that the CSF/CJSF Central Coast Conference is on March 25 at Fallon Middle School! This is MANDATORY for those who are interested in being officers next year! Please attend! It will also be an exciting event overall. I have attached the registration sheet if you are still interested.

We are also teaming up with some CSF members who are working with the Monterey Bay Aquarium to clean up our local beaches! While it is still tentative, as of now, the event will be held on March 18, 2017, and will go from 9 AM - 12 PM. Contact Karyn Utsumi for any questions (we will give you the contact info at request). The sign up form is here: 

We are looking to have several events in the month of April, and as we find more and more events for the month of March, we will be updating members.

Additionally, we have our general meeting the fourth Wednesdays of every month, and that corresponds to Wednesday, March 22nd this month! It will be after the first 20 minutes of lunch, and will most likely last until the end of lunch.

There is also a tentative date set for the Freshmen Introduction meeting, and that is Wednesday, March 8th. Please come after the first 20 minutes of lunch if you are a freshman, or even if you are a new member. We will go over our lines of communication, as well as some general club outlines, and future events.

For seniors, here is the updated, current and OFFICIAL list of who has qualified for Life Membership (ie. white gown)! Link:

As always, we know this is a lot of information, but there is always so much going on in CSF! And we hope you all enjoy it just as much as we do. For any interested new members, we have attached the official CSF State Constitution and DHS Chapter By-Laws in this email as well. Link: 

Please let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to email us!