Oakland Zoo Event

Hello Members,

Welcome to Second Semester! We have lots of fun and exciting events coming up for you guys this semester, and one of them includes the new Oakland Zoo event. The Oakland Zoo Arroyo Viejo Creek Volunteer morning will be held on February 16th, from 9AM-12PM. CSF will be having a bonding in the afternoon because we are provided with free tickets to the Oakland Zoo for the full day to explore.

All volunteers must arrive by 9am for a brief introduction to the Arroyo Viejo Creek, that day’s project, safety, and proper use of tools. We work on a variety of tasks that may include: pulling invasive species, spreading mulch, moving materials, or planting native plants. The projects are 100% outdoors!

Again, after volunteering, volunteers will receive a wrist band which entitles them to free admission to the Zoo for the rest of the day. Volunteers get to take one ride on the train and the skyride (when running) on the day of their volunteer service. Volunteers may also bring their own cup or bottle to get a free soda. More information will be sent in an email to those who are selected to participate. Those with parent chaperones get priority!

All participants must sign the standard Volunteer Liability Release form, and all youth under 18 must have their parent or guardian sign the Volunteer Liability Release Minor Consent Waiver form. Each minor must have a separate form. All forms must be turned in to the check-in table upon arrival the morning of the Creek Day.

Volunteers must have their own rides. If they do not have a ride, they will need to schedule themselves a carpool. Thank you to those who are willing to carpool!

To register, please head to this form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdPVSnyPKrx_5aDrCnc2FG_hbqbI1oKTex4jJuFybqZYqCp_A/viewform?usp=sf_link

Thank you! We are looking forward to a great semester.

The CSF Board