Volunteering Opportunity with Tutorfly

Hello CSF Members,

We have an awesome opportunity to fundraise, donate to charity and earn volunteer hours through Tutorfly! This online platform allows students the opportunity to tutor their peers while earning volunteer hours and donations to charity. You can sign up to become a Tutorfly Tutor online and for every hour tutored through the site, you will receive one outside volunteer hour AND a $15 donation to a charity of your choice or your club! Furthermore, serving as a tutor counts as an event towards Liftetime Membership. However, there are more benefits than that!

Benefits of joining Tutorfly:

  • Flexible: Select your subjects and availability, choose your requests. Tutor in person or virtually!

  • Easy onboarding: Click the “Apply to be a Tutor” tab on tutorfly.org and fill out the quick survey. A Tutorfly Representative will reach out to you soon!

  • Support the community: Help students who have taken similar, if not the same, classes as you. Donate to local charities and earn volunteer hours (great for college apps)!

  • Continue with Tutorfly: Graduating from high school soon? Join the Tutorfly College Tutor and Essay Team!

  • Lifetime Membership: Serving as a tutor counts as an event towards Liftetime Membership!

The Tutorfly Team is extremely excited to help and more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the platform. Sign up online at tutorfly.org or email info@tutorfly.org if you have any questions.